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Karcher Design Tasmania Set

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  • German Engineered Design

    Patented 3 piece rosette technology with solid metal sub-rosette insures a secure and precise fitting for easy installation. Spring loaded levers minimize drooping and provide smooth and fast return of lever action

  • Concealed Mounting Hardware

    No through bolts are exposed resulting a very clean, modern look

  • High-Grade Stainless Steel

    Made from high-grade stainless steel, our modern handles are easy to care for, resistant to corrosion and environmental influences, and suitable for interior and exterior applications

  • Highest European Lockset Rating

    Revolutionary design is rigorously tested to insure longevity for residential and commercial applications. Higher durability and better functionality than our competitors

  • Reversible Handing

    No need to specify right or left handing

  • Affordable modern flush appearance

    Magnetic mortise box allows for a quieter and smoother door close. For use with new doors that have not been routed for standard American latches. 

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Finish: Satin Stainless Steel (71)
  • Rosette: Standard European 2 1/16" diameter 3 piece solid fixing rosette; Door Prep= 1” diameter center bore, ¼” diameter bore on left and right
  • Minimum door thickness: 1 3/8" 
  • Includes: Passage- Mortise latch, handle set, strike plate; Privacy- Mortise lock, handle set, strike plate, privacy bolt set; Security- Mortise lock, handle set, strike plate, Euro profile rose set
  • Function: Available in passage, privacy or security set

For full product details please reference the specifications in the links below

Click Here To View Technical Specs

T-Strike / Lip strike Specification

Installation Instructions


"Strike Plate" refers to the decorative jamb mounted receiver where the latch first makes contact.

Magnetic mortise latch uses a concealed elongated strike plate.


Strike Plate Designs Lip Strike and T Strike

What is a 3 piece rosette?

Our modern lever sets and deadbolts have a 3 piece rosette technology. We use a steel (not plastic!) sub rosette and the outer rosette screws on (not a clip on!) ensuring a precise grip to the door without any visible screws or holes.

  • Piece 1: Sub Rosette = The steel sub rosette has an easy assembly base and uses male/female fixing bolts to ensure a robust bolt through connection.
  • Piece 2: Inner Rosette = The inner rosette is a spring loaded plate which holds the lever for quick assembly. The modular design accommodates all lever shapes and ensures the fittings are aligned correctly.
  • Piece 3: Outer Rosette = The threaded outer rosette is screwed over the whole assembly offering a secure, safe and precise fitting. The rosette can be unscrewed when required but will not work loose in normal use.

A US size lever set vs a European size lever set

Rossette Size:

"Rosette" refers to the decorative washer connecting the knob or lever to the door.

USA the larger 2 5/8" rosette, European smaller 2 1/16" rosette.

2 5/8" rosette diameter:

US lever sets are assembled with the 2 5/8" diameter rosette; this option is ideal for pre-bore (pre-drilled) door slabs. [Example A]

2 1/16" rosette diameter:

Euro lever sets are assembled with the 2 1/16" diameter rosette; this rosette requires a smaller diameter, multi-point bore (drilling). [Example. B]

Note: Euro lever sets are also available with 2 1/16" squared rosette.

How do I clean my stainless steel modern levers?

We always say that if you clean your levers, (just like cleaning your car) you can prolong the finish and the life of the lever for as long as you own your home. We only use high quality stainless steel for our levers. recommends using stainless steel cleaner at least once a month to take off any residue that may accumulate on the levers. offers stainless steel cleaner. If you do not have any stainless steel cleaner, use hot soapy water. Please NEVER use any harsh chemicals, chlorine, bleach etc… Harsh chemicals will ruin stainless steel almost immediately.


What do the terms Passage (PAS),  and Privacy (PRI) mean?


Both US and Euro lever sets are available as "Passage", "Privacy", or "Security"

Euro Lever Sets

“Passage” function - is suitable for doors that do NOT require a lock.

Example: closet, laundry


“Privacy” function - is suitable for doors that DO require a lock.

Example: powder room, bedroom

NOTE: Euro lever set's thumb turn privacy bolt is positioned beneath the lever.


“Security" fucntion - is suitable for doors that DO require a lock.

Example: Master bedroom

How to determine the handing for modern lever sets?

All of our modern door levers, handles are reversible. You do not have to specify right or left when choosing between a passage, privacy, or security set.

Extra Information

Karcher Design
6.00 LBS

Warranty Information

Karcher Design warrants that their products shall be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 2 years after purchase.