KFV_Magnetic Mortise

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KFV116 1/2
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  • No visible strike plate

  • Contemporary modern flush appearance is created when door is closed

  • Quiet and smooth door close

  • Higher durability and better functionality than our competitors

  • Fits high-end European handle sets with passage, privacy and security functions

Specifications & Dimensions

This magnetic mortise box allows for a quieter and smoother door close, and ELIMINATES the visible strike plate for a completely flush look. For use with new doors that have not been routed for standard American latches. The magnetic mortise box comes in a stainless steel matte finish.

Compatible with European lever handles using 8mm spindles. 
Includes: Mortise latch and strike plate

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Installation Instructions

What is a modern magnetic mortise box?

A mortise is the European version of a latch. It is a much heavier duty latch box that is routed into the edge of the door which allows for greater durability and a one of a kind visual design. The magnetic mortise box is an upgrade to the standard mortise, which allows you to have a smoother close, and there is no need for a visible strike plate at the edge of the jamb. This application is perfect for flush doors with concealed hinges and can only be used when the door is brand new and has not been pre-drilled for a US latch. The typical US application uses a latch on the edge of the door which allows the door to close to the jamb and stay closed.

How do I clean my stainless steel modern magnetic mortise box?

We always say that if you clean your modern magnetic mortise boxes, (just like cleaning your car) you can prolong the finish and the life of the modern magnetic mortise box for as long as you own your home. We only use high quality stainless steel for our modern magnetic mortise boxes. recommends using stainless steel cleaner at least once a month to take off any residue that may accumulate on the modern magnetic mortise boxes. offers stainless steel cleaner. If you do not have any stainless steel cleaner, use hot soapy water. Please NEVER use any harsh chemicals, chlorine, bleach etc… Harsh chemicals will ruin stainless steel almost immediately.


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