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Sliding Door Pulls 

Your doors are a very important feature of your property. They provide you with the privacy you need and can be accessorized in a manner that best appeals to your sense of aesthetics. So when you find that you want to accessorize your doors to the fullest extent, don’t hesitate at all in contacting Stainless Door Hardware for their quality door pulls. 

We here at Stainless Door Hardware recognize just how meaningful it is to accessorize your property’s interiors. Which is why we always do our best to provide clients with only the highest quality products around. Even if it’s something that appears so minor, such as door pulls.

Your door pulls are important features of your home. And even though they simply serve as a handle for you to open and close your doors, that doesn’t mean you should only get a bland-looking one.

If you’re interested in learning about the different types of door pulls we offer as well as why you should choose us, then continue reading below.

Our Different Types of Door Pulls

Here at Stainless Door Hardware, we offer clients quite a few different types of door pull handles for you to choose from. They include:

Pocket Door Pulls

Our pocket door pulls can be installed on just about any door that’s being used in the barn door-type application or for even pocket doors themselves. They’re crafted with the most high-end and quality jewelry stainless steel on the market.

These door pull handles are exactly what their name implies. A pocket door pull is designed with an indent — or a “pocket” — where you insert your fingers and pull in order to open the door. A pocket door pull is great for those that like the latest in modern style. And they’ll last for a long time as the pocket door hardware is made of quality stainless steel.

Cup Pulls

In our cup pull category, we have numerous door pull handles types that will complement just about any door style.

Much like a pocket door pull, our company offers clients the opportunity to purchase recessed door pulls. These sliding door pulls are ideal for sliding glass doors or sliding doors in general. More so, they’re a great door pull style that provides a minimalistic aesthetic. They also require no mechanical functionality, allowing occupants to easily open doors with ease.

Bar Pulls

Bar pulls are great door pull handles to have for a work environment. You see them all the time on commercial properties and they make for practical door handles.

If you have a barn door in your business environment, these types make for excellent barn door pull handles. And this is because our stainless steel barn door pulls are unequal in quality to any other product.

Flush Door Pull

A flush door pull functions in a similar motion to that of a toilet handle. By just simply moving the handle in one direction, a flush door pull will allow your door to open.

Why Choose Stainless Door Hardware For Their Door Pull Handles

We here at Stainless Door Hardware are known far and wide as the premium distributor of modern door hardware. Our business aims to provide only the best and widest range in modern door hardware products that range from modern interior level sets, concealed door hinges, and even quality door pulls. We carefully select only the absolute greatest German door hardware manufacturers to represent their quality product line. When you buy your door pulls from us, you can trust that you’ll receive only the most quality interior door hardware at a competitive price.

We here at Stainless Door Hardware recognize the quality that isn’t only trait integrated into the craftsmanship but also into the innovative engineering that German manufacturers bring to the interior door industry. Their minute attention to detail and use of high-end materials is what makes German designs and European manufactured interior door hardware unmatched.

You can trust that through our expert services as well as our quality products, you’ll be given only the absolute best door pull handles that will complement your interior setting.

Contact Us to Order Your Modern Door Pulls Today!

When you want the absolute best door pull handles around, don’t hesitate placing an order from Stainless Door Hardware. We are widely recognized for our spectacular products and we can promise you that when you order your hardware from us, your property’s newest interior addition will appeal to your sense of aesthetics entirely. Our company is more than dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products around. And because of this, we feel more than confident that when you hire us, you’ll be absolutely happy with your product as you’re added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at 1-(855)-247-1168