Choosing a Concealed Door Hinge | Finding the Right Hidden or Invisible Hinge.

Published by Diego I. Juncadella on 11th Mar 2016

Concealed door hinges, among other benefits offer the ability to create a perfect flush to the wall door. This is the door style where the hinge is hidden, even when the door closes. Choosing the right hidden hinge can at times be confusing given the amount of brands that are currently in the market. This style of hinge is typically common in Europe, which is why many individuals refer to them as European hinges as well as invisible hinges. There are a few things to consider when deciding which is the best concealed hinge to utilize for a door installation. Here are a few questions we've realized should play a huge role when looking for the right concealed door hinge.

Concealed Door Hinge - Modern Hardware

Why would you choose a concealed hinge?
You would typically use a concealed hinge when looking to achieve a flush style on your door or cabinet. This is perfect complement to a modern, minimalist look. Also, for security reasons many people choose a concealed hinge as it is impossible to tamper with, since the hinge resides internally within the door.

What are the different types of concealed door hinges?
You can instantly tell between a good design and a bad design when it comes to a concealed door hinge. The best and most efficient door hinge types will always allow for better adjust-ability. This is a major consideration because you're going to benefit from having up/’down, in/out, and left/right adjustments that ensure the door will have perfect gaps on all sides. One of the most popular brands is the Soss® hinge, but many millworkers are switching to the Tectus® or a Bartels® concealed hinge as they allow for adjusts-ability and make it much easier for installation.

What are the different types of finishes you can get with a concealed hinge?
The good news is that you can get almost any finish with a concealed hinge. There are a variety of finishes ranging from polished, satin, bronze and oil-rubbed bronze.

Is there a difference in load capacity per hinge type?
Absolutely! You will find a variety of different invisible door hinge models that are custom and fitted for a variety of load capacities. One thing that you must be sure of is that you are shopping for concealed hinges that give you the best bang for your buck. A Soss hinge may start at a lower price but you will have to resort to using three, four, or maybe five hinges to hold the same weight capacity you'd need with only two Bartels® or Tectus® door hinges. It makes as much sense as buying three layers of light sweaters for the winter, instead of a coat to do the job. In the long run, you may even spend more money on buying a larger quantity of the Soss® hinges. It's not only practical to take this into consideration, but it can greatly improve the quality and look of your door when planning the design.

Concealed Door Hinge

How durable are these hinges?
We often find people looking for heavy duty hinges to satisfy a door that may not necessarily need that kind of strength. This is because many millworkers have seen concealed door hinges dilapidate over time. That is why it is important to choose a concealed door hinge that is designed and engineered to stand the test of time. It is arguably the component in your home or office that will be most actively used every single day. It's important that you choose a brand that is known for quality and functionality, but more importantly resilience.
What concealed door hinges does Stainless Door Hardware carry? And Why?
We carry Bartels® and Tectus® hinges. We believe they add a new dimension of quality since they have adjustability features that will allow a hidden door to fit with precision. We also prefer these brands given their load capacity and durability.They are made in Germany and have the highest quality engineering and functionality.

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