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Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll Door | What is it and where can I get it?


The recently popular show "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll" has hit FX and has many people asking "What is the stunning door in the background?" We not only have the answer to that question, but we even know where the best place to get them. Right here!

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll Door

The sliding door in the background displayed is what is referred as a modern barn door. In order for a door panel that size to function by sliding across a rail, you need a hardware model that can support that kind of weight. We would have preferred to see the show go with a stainless steel finish like the MWE Supra or MWE Protec. But a carbon back can also work, while preserving the aesthetic of the room. However stainless steel would have matched better with the appliances and the overall contemporary design.

Modern Barn Door Hardware

These are some of the best, german-engineered models you can find. Of course, buying the finest quality comes at a larger price point. However, ask your self, do you want a door with considerable weight unhinging itself from the track or rail only to come tumbling down in your living room. 

MWE Supra | Modern Barn Door Hardware

MWE Supra

MWE Protec | Modern Barn Door Hardware

MWE Protec

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Gray Interior Doors | Everything You Need to Know About the Trend It's been a little bit of a treat for us to witness gray internal doors become a huge hit this year. Especially because it has been such a huge craze in Europe for the last few years. For those of you familiar with [...]

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MUTO Comfort from Dorma - New!

Dorma Muto Comfort : Price, Installation, Options and Features.  The Muto Comfort from Dorma is their newest manual sliding door system or glass barn door hardware model. Very similar to the less expensive Dorma Agile 150 it is suitable for glass, wood and metal doors since its weight capacity can be upwards of 330 pounds.  The Muto [...]

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3 Features to Look For When Shopping Modern Barn Door Hardware

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Karcher Design lever advantages

Product advantages of the three piece rose design by Karcher Germany.Step 1) Solid mounting plate with fixing lugs and latch guidance provides an easy assembly base. Fixing bolts ensure a robust bolt through connection.Step 2) The spring loaded, hard wearing  inner plate holds the lever and allows quick assembly of the inner rose. The modular [...]

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