How To Pick The Right Contractor For Your Stainless Door Hardware Installation

How To Pick The Right Contractor For Your Stainless Door Hardware Installation

Published by Stainless Door Hardware on 13th Oct 2021

Whether outfitting a new home or preparing for a new home improvement project, stainless door hardware has become your source for whatever style you’re searching for. We pride ourselves on offering the widest selection of stunning pieces that are guaranteed to improve the overall look and feel of your home, inside & out. That said, while you may have an eye for outfitting your home, you may not have the hands for it. We have plenty of customers who purchase the sliding glass door of their dream, only to get roadblocked by the actual installation of it. 

Don’t fear! There are a variety of independent contractors available to help you get it installed the right way. They have the right skills, tools, and experience required to get the job done properly and efficiently.That said, you don’t want to pick the first contractor you come across. While there are plenty of contractors that can help you, there’s plenty more that may not have the right experience necessary to do the installation properly. Before hiring an independent contractor to install your new door hardware, consider the following tips to find the right person for the job.

Find Someone With The Right Experience

While you might find a number of independent contractors eager to take on your project, it’s important to find ones that have the experience for the job. If you’re having a bar door installed in your home, you wouldn’t want someone who specializes in working on cabinets. Rushing to find someone can lead to the job ultimately not being done properly—which eventually leads to either repairs or reinstallation. That’s why we strongly recommend finding the right person for the job the first time so there doesn’t need to be a second time.

Review Their Portfolio Of Recent Work

As you open up your project to potential contractors, you may find someone who ticks off all the boxes. They claim to be more than capable of handling your project for the budget and are ready to get to work. However, don’t jump at the opportunity right away. Instead, request to see some of their recent work in the area that you’re looking for. You’ll want to take a look through their portfolio of work to see previous examples that they’ve exclusively worked on. If they don’t have anything to show for the type of installation you require, they likely don’t have anything.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Other Customers Questions

So you’ve found someone with the right experience, they have past project examples that match what you’re going for, so it’s time to get to work, right? Not just yet. If possible, you should try to reach out to past customers of the contractor. There’s nobody better to review the work done than the people before you. Some questions you should ask include:

  • Did they stick close to the agreed estimate/budget?
  • Did they finish the job in the agreed upon timeframe
  • Were they easy to contact?
  • Did anything go wrong, and how did they resolve it?

This will give you a much closer look at who the contractor really is, and what kind of job they’ll perform before it even begins.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to get your project started! Still looking to find the right piece for your project, shop Stainless Door Hardware today!