MUTO Comfort from Dorma - New!

Published by Diego I. Juncadella on 2nd Aug 2016

Dorma Muto Comfort : Price, Installation, Options and Features. 

The Muto Comfort from Dorma is their newest manual sliding door system or glass barn door hardware model. Very similar to the less expensive Dorma Agile 150 it is suitable for glass, wood and metal doors since its weight capacity can be upwards of 330 pounds. 

The Muto Comfort also features "Dormotion" or what is considered to be "Soft Close" in the United States. This was a very popular feature which was available on the Dorma Agile 150. This mechanism allows the door to be gently caught and brought to a smooth close.

Finish Options

The Dorma Muto Comfort comes in a vast variation of finish options. You can choose between the selection of more than 200 color options. It mainly and by popular-demand is available in aluminum which is similar to a satin stainless.

Price of Dorma Muto Comfort

This model is priced a little more than the Dorma Agile 150 and price may increase when considering the options of single, double-panel, synchronized, self-closing and telescoping applications.

How to Install the Dorma Muto Comfort (Similar to Agile 150!)

See video below.

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