Reinvent Your Home Through Stainless Steel Door Handles

Reinvent Your Home Through Stainless Steel Door Handles

Published by Stainless Door Hardware on 16th Aug 2021

Door handles, while a small and subtle detail, can go a long way to making your home look more modern and alive. One of the biggest and still up-and-coming styles for your home’s doors is stainless steel door handles. Affordable, durable, and most importantly, fashionable, stainless steel door handles are the solution for your home to stand out among others.

You may think, “why door handles?”. In your home, every room is probably seeing some sort of renovation or modification every 2 - 6 years, while the door handles have probably been the same since you moved in. Door handles generally don’t get switched out all that often, mainly due to their long lifetime and low chance of ever breaking. Think of these door handles as a long-term investment that won’t have to be worried about for a long time. It’s important to select a door handle that fits the style of your entire home.

Handles or Knobs?

Two of the long-time classics that have proven their worth through time. When putting the two up against one another, we have to look at the basic aspects that have made them a favorite in every home. Stainless steel door handles will always be the more practical choice as they’re far easier to use. A door handle provides an easy surface to grab and pull, not requiring a substantial amount of force to open, making this also a much better option for an older audience. Door knobs can sometimes prove tricky to open if the surface is slippery or wet. They are also much more challenging to install and can be difficult for someone who’s never done it before.

What Else To Consider?

There’s more of a science to door handles than one may think. If you do plan on changing your handles to stainless steel door handles, you should also consider changing the door latches as well. If you don’t change the door latches to one’s that match with your new door handle, you could run into the issue of your door handle not sitting correctly in the door itself. This can result in a very unpleasant door operation experience. Make sure to research what door handle you get so you know what the corresponding door latches are.

The other important thing to consider when purchasing stainless steel door handles is that every element of the door hardware has the same finish. Often, one will select a certain finish that isn’t available for the other supporting hardware, resulting in unappealing aesthetics.

Make sure whatever you select is also suitable for the environment you’re living in as a whole. You want your door handles to stand out, but not so much so they look like they don’t belong.

In The Market?

Stainless steel door handles can revolutionize your home, and Stainless Steel Hardware has exactly what you’re looking for. We have everything you need and we make sure to recommend the correct products so everything works together. Contact us today or call us at 855-247-1168