Sliding Door Hardware is in

Sliding Door Hardware is in

6th Jan 2022

Have you been looking to breathe new life into your home? While this can be done in a few different ways, sliding door hardware can be just the answer you’ve been looking for. Besides giving your home a new, fresh look, sliding door hardware can bring unseen benefits as well. Your typical panel door may still work correctly, but it’s fair to say they’ve overstayed their welcome in your home. They can be seen as unimaginative and boring. While it may just be a door, compared to sliding door hardware, they don’t have nearly as much functionality.

Stainless Door Hardware has a huge selection of stainless steel hardware and sliding doors. With the knowledge and experience we have with these doors, we want to help show you why a sliding door could be the best new thing in your home.

Let The Light In

The usual panel door is most likely made of solid wood and because of this, it doesn't allow any natural light to enter the home. Sliding door hardware however can be made from glass panels allowing more light to enter your home than ever before. With panes running from the floor to the ceiling, you may never have to have a light on in the house during the day. This means you can potentially save money on your electric bills. Natural light also makes your home much more welcoming and comfortable.

Foot Traffic

One of the biggest differences between a panel door and a sliding door is the amount of space available to walk through. The larger door can make a huge difference in foot traffic and air circulation. Having a sliding door installed in an area that sees the most foot traffic can make traveling between rooms much easier. Navigating large objects through the home is also much easier. No longer is there a need to angle and pivot items around so they’ll fit through.

Sliding Door Hardware and Appearance

One of the most obvious things sliding door hardware will bring to your home is a new, grand appearance. Sliding doors have been a thing for some time, but they’ve only recently begun to be installed everywhere in homes. These doors create an incredible contrast from the rest of the home. These doors can even replace a wall in your home creating a new connection that creates more open and breathable space.

Looking to Add Sliding Door Hardware

If you’ve been looking for something to reinvent your home, sliding door hardware could be the answer you’ve been looking for. The incredible appearance and benefits it brings to your home are unmatched. Stainless Door Hardware wants to do just this for you. We have an incredible selection of sliding doors that’ll make you love your home even more. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us at 1-855-247-1168.