Start 2022 Off Right With A Home Improvement Project

Start 2022 Off Right With A Home Improvement Project

Published by Stainless Door Hardware on 17th Dec 2021

Has your significant other been daydreaming about finally pursuing that home improvement project? If they’re dying to modernize the home and elevate the space, then this holiday season it’s time to give the gift of a home makeover with Stainless Door Hardware. While many aim to get back to the gym for their New Year’s resolution, you’ll be taking your home to new heights.

As your source for the most stunning luxury door hardware available, we offer a variety of pieces that are guaranteed to blow you—and everyone who visits your home—away.

Concealed Hinges

Our concealed hinges are perfect for the design conscious, turning a standard door into a flush wall that then opens up to a whole new world. Rather than have the hinges jut out the side of the door, the concealed hinges are built directly into the door, flush with the wall. This gives the appearance that there is no door, until pushed open.

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Sliding Shower Doors

If you’ve been inspired to reinvent your bathroom, then you need a sliding shower door. Completely revolutionizing your bathroom, the frameless shower door transforms the old, boring standardized shower enclosement into its own modernized space. Without an unsightly frame or u-channels, the glass flows freely from one to the other.

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Stainless Handles, Pulls, and Levers

Whether for inside your home, or exterior use, we have a large collection of stainless steel handless, pulls, and levers available to properly accommodate your needs & tastes. Designed and crafted by the highest skilled German engineers, our stainless door handles, pulls, and levers were created for both longevity and true elegance. Regardless of whether installing on your doors, cabinets, or other areas, you’ll have every option and then some available at your fingertips with Stainless Door Hardware.

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Barn Doors

Barn doors are a fantastic choice for upgrading your standard doorways and hallways with a more unique and modern flavor. An inspired interior design choice, barn doors reinvent a space, becoming an immediate talking piece for all of your guests.

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Before 2022 comes around, make your resolution to elevate your home's style. If you’re ready to take your home or office space to another level of elegance, then look no further than our collection of stainless door hardware pieces. Shop Stainless Door Hardware’s collection of German designed & crafted pieces today. Have a question regarding one of our pieces? Simply contact the Stainless Door Hardware team today by calling us directly at +1 (855) 247-1168.