How to Clean Stainless Steel Hardware?

How to Clean Stainless Steel Hardware?

Published by Stainless Door Hardware on 31st Mar 2021

Stainless steel hinges ads a certain decorative flare to wood. Noting looks better in your kitchen or on your door frames like the contrast between the wood and stainless steel. Well-maintained hardware goes a long way in enhancing the appeal of your favorite furniture pieces. While we tend to spend time caring for the wooden parts of our furniture, we often times neglect to care for and clean the stainless-steel fixtures that keep them hung up or swinging. Grit and grime can build up over time leaving some discouraged by the state of their stainless steel hardware. In this blog we will look at ways to clean your stainless steel hardware based on the material it is attached to. We will explore some cleaning with cleaning techniques and easy to find home care products.

Does Stainless Steel Rust? Cleaning Glass and Ceramic Fixtures Connected to Stainless Steel

When compared to other metals and alloys, stainless steel is the most resistant to corrosion and will not rust under normal environments. That being said there are some exceptions to this as Stainless steel contains chromium, and when exposed to oxygen it forms a thin invisible layer called chromium oxide. Rust can form when this layer is damaged from exposure to cleaners, chloride, high humidity, high salinity environments, and/or mechanical abrasions. So, care must be taken when cleaning stainless steel to not expose it to harmful and harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Wood products (cabinets, drawers, doors etc.) are the most common usage items for stainless steel fixtures so chances are most of your cleaning efforts will involve some fixture attached to a wooden product. Wood does well to add charm to a room and the contrast with the stainless steel fixtures is very pleasing to the eye. To maintain the elegance of your wooden furniture and cabinetry, clean pulls, hinges and handles by spraying with a mild, soapy solution or a mixture of water and vinegar.

Allow to dry completely before closing drawers or door, and be careful to not let water sit on the hardware for too long as it can warp or swell the wood. For tough stains use a soft bristle toothbrush or grab a brush from your local hardware store that is rated for stainless steel fixtures. Remember to wipe dry with a soft cloth in the end.

Cleaning Glass and Ceramic Fixtures Connected to Stainless Steel

Glass and Ceramic handles, pulls or knobs may seem the be high maintenance but they are just as easy to clean as any other material type. For the former, rubbing the hardware with a damp rag will do. For the latter, spray with a glass cleaner or a solution of water and vinegar and wipe clean with a newspaper so as to avoid streaking.


Metal hardware is expensive and adds a touch of glitz and shine to living spaces. They are a popular option in Indian homes, especially the kitchen, where they tend to accumulate a thick, stubborn layer of grime. To clean kitchen cabinet hardware made of metal, Soak the hardware in a soapy solution for a few hours or overnight to loosen up and do away with most of the dirt.

Removing Your Stainless Cabinet Handles for a Thorough Cleaning

If your Stainless hardware is really greasy and grimy, you really should remove it for a more thorough cleaning. This means grabbing your screw driver and removing all the drawer pulls, knobs and hinges so you can give them a thorough cleaning. Always enlist an extra pair of hands to help you with lifting and remember to lift with your legs. Start by unscrewing the bottom hinge first and leaving the top screw in the upper hinge until last. Have your helper steady the door while you remove the last screw and carefully lower the door.

Remove all the kitchen cabinet hardware from the doors and do the same for all the drawers. Mark each door and drawer as to it’s location by using a small sticker or piece of tape. Place screws in a container for safe keeping. If these need cleaning, add water and a little orange cleaner to let them soak. Place all your hardware in a dishpan or other suitable sized container and cover with warm water and orange degreasing cleaner, following the label’s instructions as to the amount to use. Don’t place small pieces, such as knobs directly in the kitchen sink. If you have a disposal unit on your sink it’s easy for the smaller pieces to fall into it.

Wear gloves while cleaning, sometimes oil from your skin might leave fingerprints on surfaces when cleaning, so avoid direct contact. Always leave your hardware parts to dry completely before mounting your cabinets again.

A thin layer of liquid coat or beeswax will ensure that hardware does not soil easily. Alternatively, you could use polish with a soft cloth to get back the original luster.

Kitchen hardware can easily become a breeding ground for germs and the like and hence requires timely care. With these simple steps and limited resources, you can make your furniture hardware shine for a brighter and cleaner living space.

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